Friday, November 12, 2010

Thank you carri( double click connections- aka -busy bee

First of all I am always so happy to recieve an award. It makes my day. I want to thank
carri at double click connections she is such a great friend. And her work is amazing.
Now I have to mention three things that give me attitude.
1. I am a "coke head" ha a diet coke that is.
2. I have jive every morning, java that is a whole pot.
3. now if I dont get the above daily my attitude changes quick. ha

now I will nominate the five I am passing the award to.
small pits of paper
fantabulously pink
sheryls crafting corner
love 4 stamps
soldiers wife
NOw you can click onto there sites by going over to my sidebar under attitude award and check out these ladies with attitude.


  1. I LOVE this award! Thank you so much I'm honored. I'm off to post this right now.

  2. I got one and I still have to post it.

    Congrats on the attitude! lol

  3. Rhonda - thank you SO much! I'll be posting this on my blog a bit later. I'm so thrilled and touched that you would choose me. Thank you!!

  4. Rhonda thank you so very much for the award. I'm so honored that you choose me. Thank You so very much. You made my week.

  5. Congratulations - and thank you for my award!!! You are a great blogger friend!