Tuesday, January 31, 2012

extra valentine projects

 I am packing kisses for you valentine!  used the camping pack from camping critters cart I cut at 10in decided it would make a very cute valentine gift filled with kisses. this is the front
 the side view
and the back!

valen=time project

I'm hooked on you!   start with a square box I took the chipboard fish you get in those books at micheals covered it in valentine paper used hearts for fins lips  etc. tootsie roll made into a lure and also filled with tootsie roll  could make it a little more manly if you wanted too.

Monday, January 30, 2012

mini album for peggy winner over at decorate to celebrate

 first of all congrats to peggy she won first place over at http://www.decoratetocelebrate.blogspot.com/
last challenge with her cute banner. she won a mini album of her choice she wanted a captain america for her little boy this is what he dressed up for halloween so this will be perfect for his pictures. this was a little bit of a challenge  but I think I pulled it thru. ha hope you enjoy peggy and if you would like to congrats her go to http://www.icrea8cards.blogspot.com/
 heres the inside
and the back for this times challenge is all about valentines so hop over and join us.

valen-time project

I kan-t help but love "roo"!  I found this deer on clearance shelf for 50 cents I cut his antlers off thought he looked like a kangaroo- covered his candy container in hearts filled with valentine candy and wrapped around his neck. cute for the little ones.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

valen time project

my luv bug!  I took a tulle roll I have lots of empty ones cut it into fourths. my but is about one and a ahalf in long.I cut a clear piece of plastic stuck on front and back but make sure you make a fastener for the back to get candy out. used pipe cleaners for legs pom for head hearts for wings and some google eyes and wire bent for antennas. now isnt he a cutie!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

day 20 valen-time projects

 Your love is the real thing!  used tags and bags match box bottom at 2in added dividers for the candy pop bottles. all the bottles are edible. added a pop bottle cap  that has love on it.
here is the side view.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

day 18 valentine projects

Owl'm a sucker for you!   cut 3in by 4in for base of card used accent essential cart note card cut 4in cut in half for owl. then cut 3 scallops at 2in one in circles for eyes heart beak 1 in glue a heart on each side and slide sucker in.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

decorate to celebrate challenge(valentine party)

hello everyone and welcome to another challenge, we are celebrating valentines day with party decorations, favors and so on. Today I have decided to make my valentine party for my two granddaughters the princesses of my heart! I made a princess and frog favor boxes each one a crown and a wand. I used the cart princess party and everything here is cut from that cart at 5 and a half in.
I will be putting candy rings, necklaces and so on in the castle box and candy kisses in the frog favor box. now I hope you can find some inspiration on one of our talented design teams blog. to enter your projects just go to http://www.decoratetocelebrate.blogspot.com/  and link there. have fun!

day 17 valen time projects

Lets make a date and hang out!  start with a 8 by 10 canvas cover both sides with paper chalk edges.
make a frame back so it will stand cut monkey for arrival cart at 8in I decorated him with hearts date board is cork board covered with this calendar to mark a date just move the lip pins or whatever pins you have  you could change out for each holiday. he is not only cute he is useful.!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

day 16 valentime projects

Bee mine with all my heart!  used wild card cart cut "square" at 10 1/4 in scored to fold and glue down then for the rest ofthe card I cut at an angle added brad a pin bee mine, a bumble bee made out of felt, added three candy hearts on the inside tied ribbon around and glued bee to it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

day 15 valentime projects

Im ducky to have you roll with me valentine!  Used arrival cart cut ducks at 5in one for each side. I cut a sweet n low box down to fit the duck so you cant see the box I used some blk disc I saved from toy boxes ( i save everything ha) I used hearts for wings wheels and a heart on the end of string. for the younger valentine.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

happy camper valentine

 I am a happy camper! your mine valentine.  cut from campin critter at 10in tent 2 fill with candy and close door.
these cute little tents would be cute for the men in your life! big and little.

day 14 valen-time projects

You're a great catch!  cut from sweet tooth cart the tool box. cut it at 10 and one/fourth in put together add decorations. this is for a boy valentine box  made fish out of different size hearts.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

valentine candy bouquet of gd teacher

 I wanted to show you the roses I made and the container is whoppers four cover them in valentine paper added a bottom stryofoam to stick roses in. and a card telling about how the roses never die and you can have a whopper of a time eating your candy valentine!
heres a closer look at the roses and I made the heart pic also all is handmade!

day 13 of valen- time projects

picuture perfect valentine!  bought this block on clearance for a dollar. covered it with heart paper drilled a little hole for strong wire add a clip at top to hole picture glued flowers so you couldnt see clip  they are from george cart added a embellisment to the center. great little gift for meme.

Friday, January 20, 2012

day 12 of valen- time projects

cute as a button- la la valentine! made this for gd valentine box for school. she loves la la loopsy
started off with oatmeal box covered all in pink drew la la and glued her to front, then used the purse handle you get with the doll when you buy her. I told you I dont throw away anything. ha

Thursday, January 19, 2012

day 11 of valen- time projects

my love will never run cold for you!  I bought a dollar box at dollar store just for the pattern.
cut the pattern out of paper I wanted added this cute little choc pequin added a heart on it. added google eyes and added more choc inside the box. I am always looking for things on clearance that I can get a pattern out of you can find them as cheap as 25 cents.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

mini album won by jessica collins

 here is a mini album that was won around christmas on decorate to celebrate challenge blog. Jessica has been really busy and got back to me what she wanted. she works with a co worker who will be leaving their work mops (mothers of preschoolers) this year. so she wanted something she could put a few pictures in, but mostly she wants everyone to sign it. so I made this mini to do just that. her name is karen so I spelled in out in the book. hope your friend enjoys it jessica. congrat. this is the book closed
 second page with her letter a
 third letter r
 fourth letter e
 fifth letter n
 picture pages
back of book with room for one more picture. jessica was the winner of the beautiful peacock decorations. so if you want to take a look go to our challenge blog http://www.decoratetocelebrate.blogspot.com/ 

altered my hanging lamp

I have had this wicker hanging lamp forever, it was cracking and ugly, so I decided to make it over. I tore out all the wicker leaving the wire and covered it with lime green and white tulle picture not very good but it is so cute in my new room, granddaughter loves it. just thought I would share it.

day 10 valen-time projects

be my purse-anal valentine!  cut heart purse from tags and bags at fit to page. window added plastic in window so i could add candy added mm's and closed with a lip brad.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

blogger issues?

Just want you to know that I am trying to comment on my blogs but some of them will let me and some wont, dont know if anyone else is having the same problem. sorry jean, carri, and there are more. so dont think I have forgot you because I havent and never will. your projects are so cute and jean I love your sewing projects.

winner of the 70's blog hop congrats to janet

I want to thank everyone who hopped with the 70's blog hop I really appreciate all the comments. I put all those in a hat and drew a name for the blog candy. Janet from lady luv bug is the winner of a mini album of her choice. congrats to her and thank you janet for blogging in the hop. now to congrats her you can visit http://www.ladyluvbug.blogspot.com/ janet you can email me at semery@kcbroadband.com

day 9 of valen- time projects

this is called you have a piece of my heart.  this would be a cute valentine for school. I cut the puzzle from locker talk cart at 4in glued them on top of a heavy cardstock cut around it and added to and from on back. added candy rings and stickers on the puzzle.

Monday, January 16, 2012

a little special valen-time treat for you

yes, its a tic tac toe game, I bought the different colored tic tacs for each person o's and the x's the x-tra color they can eat ha, I cut the foot from the arrival cart at 5in double it for strength and drew the lines for the game and wrote tic tac toe on the toe! just wanted to share with you. I will still have another project tommorrow.

congrats to jules winner over at decorate to celebrate

congrats to jules she was the first place winner at decorate to celebrate winter wedding challenge.\
her wedding bouquet was beautiful. she wanted a mini album for her four year old zoe. something princessy and what says that more than a castle. here is a picuture of the front and back. enjoy and I will mail it out this week. hugs for anyone else who would like a chance go over and enter our challenge this time anything goes so hop on over and enter your project at http://www.decoratetocelebrate.blogspot.com/ 

giving away this valentine book to commenting bloggers on fri 20th

I made this valentine book to give away to one of my blogging friends. I will announce winner on friday the 20th. It has alot of pages too many to show, would be great for anyone, on front you can write ten reason you love this person. you can add whatever you would like it has lots of pockets. I will go thru all the comments and see who visited the most and will put in a hat and draw from there.

day 8 of valen-time projects

heres a little treat that doesnt include candy. I bought these cute sharpeners at the dollar store they come four in a pack for a dollar. I cut the pencil from locker talk at 3in. punch hole at end then tie sharpner on and drop in a valentine box.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

All About the 70's blog hop

Welcome to the "All About the 70's" Blog Hop!!

We're so happy you could join us for this super-fun hop showcasing cards, layouts and projects that feature anything and everything related to the 70's!!   So pull out your bell-bottoms and peace signs, and join us for the FUN...  You'll find an array of ideas throughout this hop -- From decorations to gift ideas and more, we hope you'll enjoy each and every GROOVY project along the way!!  This is a TWO-DAY hop, so be sure to check it all out (besides, we have a FAR OUT prize for a random someone who visits and comments on each stop for each day!!)...

We can guarantee some psychedelic excitement for this event... So let's get hopping!!  If you've hopped over from Suzanne, then you are in the right place!!  If you've just popped in to visit my blog or are reading this via email and you'd like to join our FUN, then please CLICK HERE to start at the beginning with Lynda's blog...

For the hop today, I've created .......
a groovy 70's table centerpiece first I used a pop tart box turned it sideways and covered with some paper. cut out my van which you could use a camper cut for this but I cut out and drew it first then colored my peace love and groovy on it along with flowers and peace signs then glued it on the front of box. made groovy flowers cut from accent essentials at 3in  and the circles for peace signs are at 2in. these would be cute on each table so everyone could grab a sucker.

Thank you again for checking out my project...  Now follow the links below and remember to visit all the stops for MAXIMUM ideas and LOTS OF FUN!!  Can ya dig it???

70's Hop

70'S HOP DAY ONE (January 15):

day 7 of valen - time ideas

this I call Your Rosie! I got the rossette cart for christmas which I love, I decided to make this for valentines day. Filled cell-o phane bags with m&ms and cute the rossette (hearts) at 2in it took four to make this. It is a simple project with a big impack. hope you can find time to make some. hugs

Saturday, January 14, 2012

valen time day 6

I'm a sucker for your love!!!!!   First the container is made out of a tulle roll. I wrapped with valentine paper wrapped with glitter ribbon  added glittered hearts filled with heart paper and stuck cut out hearts from george cart at one inch on top of the suckers. the tag is left over from before projects.

Friday, January 13, 2012

valen-time day 5

the story of our lifes, I will love you until pigs can fly!!!! This box was made from wild card cart
I cut fit to page I used double sided cardstock. the pig is cut from same cart at 10 in stamped swak and lips I glittered the heart is left over and I glittered it and used for pigs wings, add conversation hearts you can add anything you like.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

22 valentine boxes for gd kindergarden class

this is for the teacher

 la la loopsy four of the girls wanted these
 batman and darth vader
 cat and yes a pumpkin
monster truck, I had my gd class write down what kind of box they would like to put their valentines in and here they are, so if you wonder why pumpkin thats what the little boy wrote down, how funny I tryed to make it look as much as valentines as i could. Now I started out with a oatmeal box for all these either turned sideways or standing up depending on the design.  enjoy and I hope they give you much inspiration. tell me which is your favorite, I really like the way the cowboys came out.