Wednesday, December 29, 2010

thank you so much Tina this was such a beautiful suprise

Tina made this for me, for having such beautiful work on my blog. How sweet is that.
I would like to pass it on to any of my blog friends who would like to have it on there blog.
thank you tina. really cheered me up

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

valentine favors paper mailboxes plus instructions

I decided to start on valentine favors for my granddaughters preschool class. so I came up
with these paper mailboxes which I am going to fill with candy kisses later. to start cut a retangle 5 by 10
as you see here i have marked it to round off for the end of mailbox this will be the bottom and back of mailbox I cut some of the bottom off so it will measure 8 and a half long

clip all around the rounded end so you can turn in.

fold on sides and the slits and fold a crease

take your 5 by 10 retangle and glue to your base it will look like this

this is what back looks like glued

now for mailbox lid cut 5 and a half and round off like before

fold a crease and bottom and cut out on ends like above

now glue to bottom of mailbox

now close and cut around to make a neater and tighter look this is what it looks like before cut

now to keep closed I cut strip of paper glued to top and strip for mailbox to go though strip

here is a finished one I did. for flag I used doodle charm cut 6in and bug is from create a critter cut at 3 and a half inched These are super easy I made 17 of them. I plan on putting kisses in them and a little letter which will say heres a special delivery
just for you, luv bug kisses! happy valentines day. I know how some of you like to make
things for your children for school I thought I would give you plenty of time to use this if you want. cheaper than the ones at target. ha

heres the side look

heres the envelopes I made cut at 3in doodle charm lips are from indie art cut 1 and a half
embossed with heart folder

here is the back with the little letter about luv bug kisses

heres a few I made out of different color papers not one is the same you can make one mailbox with one sheet of 12 by 12 paper

next week is the first give away for snowman minis so enter here

I will be announcing the winner of a free snowman mini on tues. enter your name here If you entered earlier that is fine go ahead and do it again and I will throw your name in twice.
thank you everyone who prayed for me and my situation with my granddaughter. I am seeing some hope for the future, still havent got to see her but keeping my head up. hugs.

Friday, December 17, 2010

a bag of coal for grandpa

grandpa is always teasing our granddaughter about santa so we bought candy coal yesterday and made this bag to put it in. it is a paperbag covered with cardstock and glitter letters
and cut out a santa from paper. the verse says
on his way to town
santa checked around
he made a list
and checked it twice
turns out

Thursday, December 16, 2010

grinch pill box

here is my take on the grinch box. I have seen quite a few of these on the blogs all very
cute and all different in there own little way. I dont know who started the idea but it is a great one and you deserve the credit. but I used my cricut I used tags boxes cart for the box. cut
3 and 3/4 in. put together. for face i used just because cards cart the melon card (shift) cut the same size glue on top of box. cut santa hat from jolly holiday cart same size. eyes george cart
cut 2in cut a long strip and cut for eyebrows use some beads for eyes for nose cut a crown shape.

here is what the inside looks like. the inside says
grinch pills
Feeling kinda Grouchy?
Holiday Spirit can't be found?
Just try these little grinch pills
they're the best medicine around.
whether eating a whole handful,
or eating one or two.
these tasty little pills
take the grinch right out of you!
my granddaughter wanted to make these for her grandpa she thinks hes grumpy. ha

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nana Donna card dreams by nana donna here is your free mini

gingerbread house mini this is front

here is a few pictures of inside

and the back. enjoy it. I mailed it out yesterday so you should be recieving it soon. hugs

Tamminnie's Designs here is the mini you won

christmas gifts this is the front
here is the inside each package is a different size

here is a few more pictures

and some more

here is the back. the pictures do it no justice. there are hidden pockets for christmas
list and so on. hope you enjoy I mailed it yesterday so you should get it soon.

wow I won first at fantabulous cricut challange. too excited

I was so happy to see I had won first place in this challange. there are so many talanted ladies
each week that enter. So I feel honored that I was picked. thank you so much. Cant wait to use my 25.oo gift cert. from custom crops. thank you thank you.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

winners of christmas mini albums -tamminnies designs and nanadonna

Thank you ladies for getting me your addresses so fast. I will mail out on thurs.
I will post pictures tommorrow of your minis. For everyone else dont forget to enter your name for January snow themes. FIrst january give a way is jan 4th. hugs

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

santa hat mini album

went to see santa yesterday. took pictures with him had them developed decided to make
six books for grandparents, moms dad and myself. so I made santa hats and put them in to share and a wonderful way to remember christmas and santa of 2010
heres what the inside looks like the pictures slide in the white cuff they can be removed or more pictures added. I made 6 of these books I love the way they came out.

my granddaughters first birthday sock monkey mini album

I made this for my granddaughter I will put her birthday pictures in it since her theme is sock monkeys
heres inside and her birthday invitations I sent out and made.

heres a few pictures of her birthday tree full of sock monkeys and her birthday banner
will finish the book after her birthday. just wanted to share

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

enter here to win a free mini album for january 4th

enter here The theme is snow, so if you would like a snowman, snowflake, snow spelled out what-ever you have in mind enter here and I will announce a winner on jan 4th. Thanks to everyone who leaves me such nice comments. hugs

thank you so much for the stylish award debbie(creativity heals)

I was looking at all my comments like every morning I was happy to see that someone
was thinking of me and left me this award. thank you so much debbie. I will post all the blogs
I choose and debbies on the sidebar under this award. This way who ever visits can vistit
other blogs if they wish. And its real handy to pop in whenever you want.
anyway to recieve this award link back to person who gave it to you. list eight things about
yourself. list eight blogs to award to and tell them they have one.
here are eight things about me
1. I love to craft, scrapbook, and quilt
2. I love my granddaughters so very much
3. I love to decorate my house
4. I love comments on my blog
5. I love all the friends I have made since I started my blog
6. I love to shop for cheap scrapbook supplies
7. I love that I am just a low maintance kind of gal. ha
8. I love warm weather better than this cold. ha
now here are my eight blogs I have chosen, these are some of my new followers. I would
love if everyone would visit them and give them some blog love. You can visit by clicking on
their blog on my side bar. enjoy.
Laurie serenity scrappers
tammy tamminnies designs
elsa cricut lvr
Jackie scrappin with Jackie
Pink bling crafter
monica simply cricutting
olga three butterflyk5
sharette scrapper "N" the making
thanks again debbie creavity heals

pictures of free christmas mini winner is serenity scrappers

this is front of book I have embossed the bulb
here is the inside of book

and the back of book. hope you enjoy it.

gingerbread house gift box for fantabulous cricut challange

I save boxes so this time I took the box and covered it with 500 1 and 1/4 circles using george cart covered sides and roof
this is side of house cut windows from jolly holiday cart 4in real size and snow is from
paper doll dress up cut at 2in

this is back of house.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sock monkey first b-day at christmas time

all the sock monkey and first year boxes are all favors to take home since her first birthday
is around christmas I decided to do her own birthday tree seperated from the christmas tree
all her birthday gifts will go under this tree.

I tried to get it all in but my picture taking is not that great this tree is so darn cute
I really hate to see my monkeys go. ha

heres the banner made to say happy birthday the monkey has her name and the number
one on it.

see how cool it looks alot of work but well worth the face on my 4 year old and its not even her birthday ha and yes she already grabbed a monkey.

Monday, December 6, 2010

sock monkeys for party favors

I made these sock monkeys for granddaughters b-day party on christmas, I am going to hang
them on a white tree and have everyone take one home for party favors the tage on them
says our little monkey is one , take me home to remember the fun. aleeah first b-day
It took me two days to make 15 of them they are really cute in person.

I tryed to fit them all in camera but not quite but you can see all the different colors

here is a side view. I will post pictures when I get them on the tree.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

my window decorations for christmas

this picture is taken from the backside but it is really cute. each reindeer is decorated and their names are on each reindeer. the trees have all of our names on them. used doodle charms
for reindeer cut each 5in and the trees are from jolly holidays lite cart. here comes santa is george cut at 2 in each. reindeers names dasher, dancer,prancer vixen,comet, cupid,donner,
blitzen and of course rudolf.