Tuesday, December 7, 2010

sock monkey first b-day at christmas time

all the sock monkey and first year boxes are all favors to take home since her first birthday
is around christmas I decided to do her own birthday tree seperated from the christmas tree
all her birthday gifts will go under this tree.

I tried to get it all in but my picture taking is not that great this tree is so darn cute
I really hate to see my monkeys go. ha

heres the banner made to say happy birthday the monkey has her name and the number
one on it.

see how cool it looks alot of work but well worth the face on my 4 year old and its not even her birthday ha and yes she already grabbed a monkey.


  1. Oh my, so cute on the tree. You better have that camera ready when all the kids see this. I bet they have never seen anything like it.

    It came out awesome! Such a great idea for favors!! TFS Good luck and Happy Birthday!!

  2. OMG That is the cutest thing I have seen in a while! GREAT JOB! TFS

  3. fantastic job! love the tree idea!

  4. Who doesn't love sock monkeys! Love your creative and unique idea!

  5. So CUTE!!!! very cute idea to use the sock monkeys..my mom would love this tree :)

  6. I love it.. YOU did an awesome job.

  7. Fantastic!! Your granddaughter is going to have an amazing party! I would have grabbed a sock monkey too! Great banner also!