Friday, July 30, 2010

this is for family fridays

granddaughter which is 4 love wizard of oz. had extra cuts so this is what she made by
herself except for cutting shapes.

Monday, July 26, 2010

harley mini album

made this for my friend tammy its for her b-day. I drew the harley emblem for main page motorcycle is from going places cart. cut up to make look like a harley
I used cut outs form edpd to make little jackets to hold pictures made little chick and hog from critters, says harley chicks love their hawgs.

helmet is from edpd and used to hold a photo inside.

made skulls for slumber party lite cart and used bandanna paper for head bands

back of book george cart used for letters on here. IF I have enough request I will give a how to on the motorcycle and this book. happy birthday tammy.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

ymca cheerleading mini album for design team this month

carts used edpd, george for the letters which are cut shadow at 1 in
cut cheerleading dresses from edpd cut to fit page cut 2 heavy postboard and glue together
for strength.. then cut same for the color you want the dresses.

I sewed the bottom half of this dress to make a pocket to add memories in.
my granddaughter inspired this book. she takes cheerleading classes with the ymca she is 4.
she calls the cheddar letter lessons.which is so cute. this months design team assignment was dealers choice, which means you can do anything you want . click on the designer team button on my sidebar and check out the other great books made by our design team.
And dont forget if you want a chance to win a free mini album its easy just take the time to summit your idea under mini ideas on my site and every thurs I will pick one to make and mail it to you. If you dont get picked just keep trying everyweek. simple simple.
every 100 followers I give away two books so make sure you enter your ideas.