Tuesday, November 30, 2010

thank you kristen(fantabulously pink) for stylish award

I cant post anything right now my computer is not working. I am using my sons right now. just want to thank kristen for such a great award and for thinking of me. she is such a dear blog friend. hop on over to her blog she does amazing work. click on her blog on my sidebar to get there the easy way. hugs and thanks.

Monday, November 29, 2010

card for sheri crafts challange

make a hello card. I use the cricut lite cart b is for boy cut jack in box at 6in

jitterbug challange card

challange make a gift theme card add some bling and bow. I used winter frolic cart and cut packages 6in layered and added bling

challange card for bitten by the bug 2

challange use the winter frolic cart page 64 and use deck the halls on your card
I cut phrase at 3in and cut ornaments twice and gave them the 3-d look

card for challange over at paper playtime

this weeks challange make a card that has to do with a christmas song.I made this using forever young cart model 20 cut at 4in and cricut lite cart jolly holidays santa 4in and tree 5in
the song I seen moma kissing santa claus.

my project for fabulous cricut challange

this weeks challange make something with ribbon on it. I made this birthday cake
using tags and box cart cut the cake boxes at 7 in 12 of them and glued them on a cake base
the ends open and are filled with cookies. put ribbon on top and sides.

A special thank you to Maria at stamp, cut, create

thank you so much this is my third award and I am thankful for everyone. I have all the blogs I chose posted on my sidebar so go and give them some blog love. and go check out maris by clicking on the award she gave me. hugs to all.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

mini grandmas house minis

I used sugar and spice cart for both of these. I made them for a little thank you gift to the great grandmas they have the granddaughters pictures in both of them I just wanted to show you the two different ways I made these.
I covered the roof with the scallops for the house just cut full page and cut to fit the roof and layered

gingerbread gift boxes

used cracker boxes covered first with brown cardstock then cut 10 in gingerbread house
from stretch your imagination and decorated with tiny christmas accessories.

gingerbread house made with happy hauntings house

I used happy haunting cart the 3-d haunted house I used the two main parts and the roof
and made a flat roof for the rest I cute out 300 1 in circles for roof and siding on house
the rest is decorated with foam stickers and christmas ornaments. i cut the house at 7 in

here is the side of house all is simply glued on with hot glue

here is the back of house

heres what the top looks like the flat roof.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

family friday handprint project early due to holidays

the project for our team was to make something to do with handprints. so I used granddaughters handprints for the angle wings winter folic cart for outfit and halo
put their intials on the clouds they are standing on and wrote and little poem put it on canvas that i painted first then decouplage everything else.
the poem reads grandmas and grandpas angels
these little angels are special you see
because they are so dear to me.
their wings are their hands, which someday will grow,
into bigger angels from head to toe.
then i wrote their full names and the date.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

second stylish blog award yeah! thank you Meighen

This is my second time for this award, but who cares I am flattered no matter how many times I recieve an award. I want to thank my new blog friend meighen at scrappin-3rdeeschik
go over and visit and give some blog love.
to except the award you have to list 8 things about yourself which I have done with first award so wont bore you with this. give award to 8 more bloggers. oh yeah thank the person who gave you award and link to their blog. I chose 8 new blog friends who are followers of mine.
spreading the love. ha I will name them here but go to sidebar and click on their blog name to enter their blog. It will be over on my sidebar for anyone who would like to visit whenever.
the eight I chose no particular order.
all for the grandkids.
debbys stampin heaven
my craft corner
amandas creavity
jds adventures in cricuteering
serenty scrappers
handmade by meda

my completed mini album of my granddaughters halloween costumes

this is my 4 yr and 10 month granddaughters dressed as dorthy and the lion from wizard of oz
the baby is such a scaredy cat that this fits her so well. ha the tag says off to find courage
this is just a little something about their costumes their halloween night and so on

this is dorthy on her yellow brick road which is my sidewalk in back yard we painted in june and its still yellow. ha the tag says follow the yellow brick road

this is a funny picture the little one is always putting her hands over her ears. she dont want to hear it. so I put on the tags dorthy is telling her to get some courage and the baby saying I dont want to hear it

being a lion is tuff so i stick with being a little punkin.

look I am smile'n just because I dont have that lion hood on.

pit stop for lion to milk up. ha

Yes. I am out of that lion costume On the back of book I put the lion song on it. I know halloween is over but I thought maybe you would like to see this wizard of oz mini. This was babys first halloween so this is why I focused on the lion. I made dorthy for the oldest one in june that was her birthday party theme.

Monday, November 22, 2010

thank you thank you fern so grateful you thought of me

first of all I want to give a big thank you to ferns creation's you must go over and check her out and give her some blog love plus she has great blog candy shes giving away dec 15th just click on her button on my sidebar. A 5.oo digi gift certifiacate comes along with this award.
in order to recieve it you must list 3 things that give you the tude from everyone else.
nominate 5 other blogs. and last you must display the blog award badge in your sidebar and link it back to digis with attitude challange blog.
the three things that gives me tude.
1. I like to do my own thing, and dont like to be told what to do.
2. I am very hard headed
3.I have to have my diet coke and coffee, this is what definetly gives me tude
now for the five blogs I have chosen, I thought I would spread the love to some of my new followers I will list them here and you can click on their blogs by going over to my sidebar this way they are easy to find when you would like to give them a visit.
the five blogs are
beebeebabs gallery
disney day dream'n
homemade happiness
carolee's scrappin spot
passionately paper

Thank you t.t scraps for this award

I was looking over my comments and I found that I had recieved an award. How exciting.
It is from one of my new followers which I am so happy about. And now that I have went over to her blog I am glad she found me because now I can follower one more blog. love it. check her out. I will be posting 8 blogs for this award. these will be over on my sidebar always so anyone who wants to take a look can just click on their name. easy and convient.
to recieve this award I have to share 8 things about myself and choose 8 new blog site.
here is the 8 things about me
1. I stay at home and raise my grandchildren while their moms go to school and work.
2.I have four dogs, 2 cats love all animals
3.I love to decorate indoors and out
4. I love anything that has to do working with my hands
5. I love spending time with husband of 28 years
6. My two sons are pretty amazing.
7. I love all my new and old friends I have made since I started blogging. who knew I would come this far.
8. I love as you know to give, than recieve. It makes me feel good to see someone smile because of something I have done.
now my 8 new blog friends I am passing award to are.
1.carrie k. All for the grandkids
2. Jennie K. Tigerlily's time away
3. Amber S. The sheaves
4. Touched by a butterfly
5. Judy Evors living life and loving everyday
6. lisa J. lisa's scrap'n shack
7. michele Michele's scrappy creations
8. fern's creations
Remember to visit these blogs just click on their name on my sidebar and click on the button to go to t.t. scraps this will be the link to her site.

altered oatmeal box into a recipe box for thanksgiving

here is what it looks like closed the turkey on top is a napkin ring I used to hold recipe your working on
here it is open I used a office clip glued on upside down to hold box closed

here is the side of box

and the back. first I took my oatmeal box and cut out sides then cover with cardstock back and front. then made the folds for my box accordian paper for inside to hold your recipe cards decorate anyway you please and there you go.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Recieved your thank you card Jai Ci today

how sweet of you and thats funny I cant sew. so we make a great pair. glad your kids loved their mini. hugs

Thursday, November 18, 2010

november challange for sugar sweet paper treats

challange to make a purse any kind fabric, 3-d , card etc. I chose to do one to hold all my thank you cards it holds alot. I used a oatmeal box and covered it with cardstock inside and out.
the handle moves back and fourth added detail and thats how easy it is. Great for all my cards and cute to sit around.

card for jitterbuggin challange

the challange was to use embossing and a cricut cut for a thank you card. I used vellum and embossed thank you all over and used balloons from doodle charm.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

abby scrapbookaholic here is your apple bushel basket mini

here is your front of your basket used doodle charms and country cart
here is the inside of book

here is the back of book. I mailed it out today for you. thank you for your address. have a happy thanksgiving and enjoy putting pictures in your book.

val over at crafty go lucky is the winner of this cornacopia minia

here is the front of your cornacopis mini used lots of carts And lots of details added
here are the inside of book put your pictures inside the cornacopia the yellow part

inside of book

back of book enjoy and have a very nice thanksgiving please send me your address so I can mail this to you this week. enjoy

Donna Sue winner of acorn mini

heres the front of your mini I use create a critter cart and cut it at 8 in
inside pages look like this with different little sayings

here is the back which you can journal on that tag comes out. enjoy

Here is your acorn mini, sorry we had a time getting your address, but heres you one to replace that one. I will mail it out this week thank you for getting me your address. here are the pictures of your mini

Here are a list of the names for free thanksgiving mini albums

I will be mailing out all the thanksgiving albums this week since thanksgiving is next week.
wow that was fast. I will post the pictures and soon as I get addressed will mail I have two already. Dont forget the free christmas minis still time to enter will pick first on dec first.
I will give away four for the month of dec.

Check out cricut mini designs team reciepe mini books

go to the cricut mini design team by clicking on the button on side of my side bar
here you will find the cutest recipe books and some ideas to make your own for the holidays
and they even have the instructions on their blogs. so if your in need for some ideas on a reciepe mini this is the place to go. enjoy.

winner for free thanksgiving mini is Abby (scrapbookaholic)

Abby you are the winner of the thanksgiving mini album I will post pictures tommorrow.
thank you for your address. will mail out thurs. hugs

Sunday, November 14, 2010

cricut mini design team reciepe book for the holidays

mini design team assignment was to make holiday reciepe books. I made mine using three paperbags.and cricut. used animal kingdom, kitchen, and pumpkin carving carts.
all these reciepes I got from my mom, she cooks these for the holidays and I wanted to
keep them so this book is just for those only. THe pockets in my book allow me to add
pictures or more recipes.

I made book marks from animal kindom and added different things to the top of each one
example pumpkin for pumpkin pie reciepe

and this is the back of the book I used my bind it all ribbon to close and raffia for looks
I love the way it turned out and I am going to love all the recipes for years to come.