Tuesday, November 23, 2010

my completed mini album of my granddaughters halloween costumes

this is my 4 yr and 10 month granddaughters dressed as dorthy and the lion from wizard of oz
the baby is such a scaredy cat that this fits her so well. ha the tag says off to find courage
this is just a little something about their costumes their halloween night and so on

this is dorthy on her yellow brick road which is my sidewalk in back yard we painted in june and its still yellow. ha the tag says follow the yellow brick road

this is a funny picture the little one is always putting her hands over her ears. she dont want to hear it. so I put on the tags dorthy is telling her to get some courage and the baby saying I dont want to hear it

being a lion is tuff so i stick with being a little punkin.

look I am smile'n just because I dont have that lion hood on.

pit stop for lion to milk up. ha

Yes. I am out of that lion costume On the back of book I put the lion song on it. I know halloween is over but I thought maybe you would like to see this wizard of oz mini. This was babys first halloween so this is why I focused on the lion. I made dorthy for the oldest one in june that was her birthday party theme.


  1. To cute! my oldest daughter was Glenda the good witch in her wizard of OZ play at school I asked her to dress up next year with the other kids for a whole cast!- love to see them all dressed up in their outfits.this mini is to cute!

  2. this is absolutely the cutest....

  3. What a fabulous album - and such a treasure! I enjoyed reading this post and seeing the precious photos of your grandchildren.

  4. it is FAB!

    you are so creative....i never thought of a leaf shaped album....COOL!

  5. OMG this is so perfect!!!! wonderful job!

  6. Rhonda this is so adorable! I wish I had half your talent lady!

  7. Absolutely soooo cute! I also have two granddaughters -- sooo much fun!