Thursday, February 2, 2017

come over to join a fun swap group
we do lots of fun swaps. Dont worry if you have never done a swap. Everyone should do at least one they are super fun and addicting. Who doesnt like to get happy mail instead of bills in the mailbox. You can pick and choose what swaps you want to do. Down below are a few examples of what we do. You sign up for an event  then you get partnered. You have a mail date to send to your partner. Would love for everyone or anyone to come over and join the new group. Just go and hit join and will get approved. Now lets look at some of the previous swaps have dont in pass. international and us swaps here

paperclip charm

 planner charm or purse charm
 loaded paperbag swap character theme
 a mini pocket letter just add three cards inside and few stickers buttons on back side for goodies a pocket letter has nine pockets same concept every event has a theme this is rainbow
a simple treat bag made with a paperbag

 dyi coloring book had six pages of stamped or printed images
embellishements to use on swaps etc  thanks for looking and hope to see you over at pretty perfect happy mail

Friday, January 27, 2017

junk journal

 here is my personal junk journal. I travel with husband he is over the road truck driver. We go everywhere so I collect maps, pennies buttons anything I find I put in my junk journal .Ha Just wanted to share how I use mine if anyone is interested in making one.

alice n wonderland loaded bag

Here is a loaded paperbag  for a swap. Loaded with lots of goodies for partner. If you would like to join our group come on over to pretty perfect happy mail. You will meet new friends thru happy mail Something good to get in mail instead of  bills lol

valentine flip book

THis is a valentine flip book and will be giving away at the sister group pretty perfect-happy mail. The group makes many things and has swaps often so if you would love to join come on over and hit join and wait for approval thats it.

heart shaped flip book

This was for a swap over at secret group three queens rockin pockets,flips etc. We have many different swaps over at our sister group pretty perfect happy mail. Would love if you would join the fun. Love penpals and everyones talent.

A valentine paperbag with pocket

First of all I want to let you know have a new swap group It is called pretty perfect happy mail, It is full of many swaps and anyone can do. Just started it up admin amy panek and myself. We also run a secret group. Anyone can join the closed group with approval just go over and hit join. This is one of the bags I made for the swap.  thanks for looking

snowmen flip book and mini album

 Hi everyone, You thought I disappeared! ha. I have found something I really enjoy and it works perfect with my schedule on the road. If your end to having fun and making new friends from all over the states come and join our new sister swap group  pretty perfect happy mail on facebook. I also have another group but it is a secret, but anyone can join new on with approval from admin. Above is a flip book these are so fun and it is the shape of a snowman of course. It was for a snowman themed flipbook. down below I will be giving away on our secret swap group at end of month. It is a mini album. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you over at pretty perfect happy mail swap group.