Saturday, August 13, 2016

My pocket letters, mini pocket letters and flip books

 I have a new group started called Flip that Swap there we enter events and go by theme and partnered on a certain day and a mail date. The owls above are embellishment pins I add in for goodies for my partner
 favorite baseball team theme pocket letter
 angel or angel wings or both mini pocket letter theme just 3 pockets
 fishing theme mini pocket letter
 Owl theme pocket letter
 scarecrow them mini pocket letter
 friendship flip book
 tag in a pocket theme pocket letter
 halloween theme flip book
 halloween theme minij pocket letter
 pumpkin theme pocket letter
favorite halloween movie mini pocket letter mine are carrie halloween the 13th and children of the corn. Would love for you to join us at flip that swap it is a closed group and lots of fun.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

thumbtack buttons of the week

Here are my thumbtack bullentin board buttons to send just put earring backs on them. work great for pinning notes up.

Monday, August 8, 2016

swap embellishments and a mini flip pocket

 cut out flowers and added a button I made with my button machine
 note pad holds posty notes added a cut out flower with a handmade button
Heres is a mini flip pocket book. THeme honey bee the mini pockets only have three pockets and fill the back with goodies for your partner. added a bee button on front. A honey bee glitter pocket .

more embellishments

button magnets

 button card with buttons
 scissor charm with faux button and paper flower
Postie notes says just a note button

My swap projects and embellishments

 movie night flip book
 las vegas pocketletter
 scissor charms
more scissor charms

button embellishments

 Just sharing some of the buttons I have made the ones marked by set are on etsy.

Embellishments for swaps

 Thumb tack buttons Just sharing some of my embellishment I make for swaps
 Pinwheels on small pop stick with buttons in middle
 all pink pocket letter add embellishments on backside to give to partner
accordian pink blue box filled with embellishments for swap with partner. Thanks for looking