Thursday, January 12, 2012

22 valentine boxes for gd kindergarden class

this is for the teacher

 la la loopsy four of the girls wanted these
 batman and darth vader
 cat and yes a pumpkin
monster truck, I had my gd class write down what kind of box they would like to put their valentines in and here they are, so if you wonder why pumpkin thats what the little boy wrote down, how funny I tryed to make it look as much as valentines as i could. Now I started out with a oatmeal box for all these either turned sideways or standing up depending on the design.  enjoy and I hope they give you much inspiration. tell me which is your favorite, I really like the way the cowboys came out.


  1. WOW! WOW!! Rhonda, this are amazing!! The kids are really going to love these:) Fantastic! Have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Oh my heck! You truly are amazing! I love the cowboys too! CallyAnn

  3. They are all so amazing but I'd have to say the owl because I LOVE owls!!! You are so creative and inspirational!

  4. These are amazing! You are just so sweet to do this for all the children. They'll be so excited to see them! They're fantastic and will make Valentine's Day so special for all the children.

  5. OMG, Rhonda, these are alllll AMAZING!!! I just don't know how you do it all!!! One thing for sure, your GD has to be one the happiest and luckiest little ladies on earth right now!!!

  6. Wow- you have been BUSY!!! I'm sure the kids will love them- they are all so cool (I'm sure your GD says- my grandma is so COOL)! :)Amy

  7. Rhonda, you have been busy!! I love all of these boxes.

  8. holy crap(you so know I write just what I am thinking!) you totally rock! These boxes are amazing! I love all of them and those lucky kids will too! I love the owl and the la la loopsy is so right on. good lord, you are one creative chick! geez, an oatmeal box-youre killin me...(would have taken me until next yr just to do one!)