Friday, November 12, 2010

Family Friday Project- what your thankful for

here is our little gourd turkey family I put them on my fireplace mantle and they look so adorable.
heres a closer look of what they each look like. this is the baby one. I grew the gourds myself and dryed them out by hanging in basement. It takes about a year to dry out. I have had these for awhile. ha I also made snowmen out of them one year.

My granddaughter and I decided we would put a little twist on it and add what do you think if you were a turkey you would be thankful for. Shes four so this was fun for her.

we made these turkey gourds she painted all brown first then let dry. Then tie the ribbon around neck. used design calander leaf in september. cut at 6 in then cut the little wings in 3in

for hat we cut out in november at 3 in used george cart 3in star for feet 1 and a half for gobbler and 1 in for heart the beak. now glue on hat next add eyes , gobbler then beak now add your leafs for the feathers put wings on cut some kind of stick add a 1 in retangle for sign the signs are all different here is what the turkeys are thankful for. thankful your not a turkey,

thankful for ham, thankful for chicken, thankful for fish and the baby one says thank ful Im to cute to eat.


  1. Oh my these are sooooo adorable

  2. These are awesome! Love what they are thankful for :) Too cute!

  3. You did a wonderful job. I love them they are so very adorable. I love that each of them are holding a saying with what they are thankful foo.

  4. Awesome job and very adorable! Fall/Thanksgiving is a favorite time of year.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. These are so cute!

    I left a blog award for you on my blog! :)

  6. These are sooo cute!! I love them!!! I love saying Thankful for ham!!

  7. This is so cute. I just made a similar one that will be on my blog later this month with styrofoam balls, but I would have never thought of using a gourd to make a turkey. Great idea.

  8. OMG I love these and when you said you grew the gourds - you amaze me!!!! What a great idea for this time of year.

  9. Rhonda! thoes turkey are to cute to eat!! I laughed at your thankful list. So funny! Its going to be Super cute at thinksgiving dinner at your house!