Friday, November 12, 2010

Kacee here is your basics on how to make a mini album my way

first I use 110 wt. cardstock , then I decide what shape I then cut 12 of them to make a 6 page book. In this case I am making Olivia the pig. I used create a critter cut shadow in 10 in
set aside after cut 12 of them
now use animal kindom cart for the ears on the rabbit because olivia has big ears for a pig
cut 10 just cut six of these set aside

cut the ears off set aside

heres the pig cut at 10 in we are going to cut his ears off.

cut 12 rabbit ears in pink glue on to white ones now cut them apart and glue on back of one pig then sandwich the back pig OH i forgot you will need to cut 12 pink pigs to glue onto white ones. I know theres alot of cutting but I love this way because you can make so many different shapes without the deep blade and all that its simple but time comsuming but so worth it after you finish

heres all the cut pieces before I glue them in pieces.

heres the finished front of book I drew the dress cut birthday cake from sweet treats at 3in and added detail with my markers. To finish the inside just decorate anyway you please. this is the way I do all my books so I hope this helps.


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! That is the cutest thing! and It looks so like the cartoon!! You are the best. Im serious you have some talent going on here! Simply amazing!!! Thank you so much!
    Kacee and Emma!

  2. This is so, SO cute!! You've done such a great job making Olivia look just like Olivia!!

  3. OMG My daughter loves Oliva. I am now a follower and will stop back by to re-read all the Olivia directions.TFS

  4. Hello - I love this book, I really want to try to make this for my daughters birthday invite. Do you mind? I am looking over your instructions and love your blog.