Monday, October 31, 2011

Just a reminder to join me and amy for our birthday hop nov 1st

hope you can find the time to make the party! Its my 50th birthday and I am celebrating with my good friend Amy whos birthday is in dec. we decided to combine since we share a challenge blog together. We have alot of talented friends coming to our party some with gifts for our special party guest. You wont want to miss this day. after you have come and celebrated you may enter your birthday project in our month long birthday challenge at decorate to celebrate. this time and this time only we are allowing birthday cards since this is our birthdays, and we thought we would give everyone a chance to celebrate with us. Remember you can still do party favors if you wish. This is just a special chance to see everyone incredible talent out there in blog land, and remember it doesnt have to be a birthday card for us it can be one you made for anyone, just wanted to let you no, hope to see you tommorrow and I have a double treat for you. But you will have to come visit tommorrow. I want to thank all of my dear friends that have put in their time and talent to celebrate my and amys birthdays, it means alot to us.


  1. Happy birthday to you! (Although I know it's a bit early for the real thing yet.) I'm sure you'll have so much fun!

  2. whoo hoo! Can't wait to hop tomorrow!

  3. I would NOT miss your bloggy party!!! Claire S.