Tuesday, August 23, 2011

blog award from audrey (cute and some) thank you

I was so happy when I saw I got this beautiful award from audrey http://www.cuteandsome.blogspot.com/ she is so sweet and has become such a dear friend. I wish everyone would hop over and check out all her talent, she is amazing. Now for the rules for this award
you must answer these 12 questions then give award to ten others.
here are the questions

name your favorite color I like pink

favorite song I love all the areosmith songs

favorite dessert this is forbidden for me most time so I like strawberries sprinkled with sweet n low

what wizzez me off at the moment My sons girlfriends ha

black or white I love both colors hard to pick

best feature my eyes

biggest fear dying after my husband

everyday attitude pretty much happy and easy going

what is your perfection everything must be in its place

guilty pleasure buying scrap supplies and sneaking them into grocery bill ha

when I am upset I clean, clean , clean cleanest house in town. ha

now here are the ten I am passing onto no particuliar order

amy http://www.lovetocrop.com/

kacee http://www.youhadmeatscrap.blogspot.com/

Norma http://www.pinkblingcrafter.blogspot.com/

carol http://www.caroleesscrappingspot.blogspot.com/

vicki http://www.mawmawsthoughts.blogspot.com/

callyann http://www.callyanncraftycreations.blogspot.com/

Peggy http://www.icrea8cards.blogspot.com/

kate http://www.smallbitsofpaper.blogspot.com/

laurie http://www.serentityscrappers.blogspot.com/

Tammie http://www.tamminniesdesigns.blogspot.com/


  1. Girlfriend, you are hilarious!!! Love your answers!!!

    It was my pleasure to pass the award on to you -- you deserve every award that comes out!!!

  2. Congratulations on your award!! I always love learning more about you. I love Aerosmith too.
    And thanks so much for passing this along to me. You are so sweet, Rhonda. Thanks for being such a good friend to me - and to so many. xox

  3. Congrat Rhonda, another award well deserved and to come from our great friend Audrey even better.

    Thank you so much for passing this award on to me, I greatly appreciate you thinking of me.

    Love your answers!!!

    I think Kate said it perfectly thanks for being such a good friend to me and to so many!!!!


  4. congrats to you! and thank you! I guess I need to read my email more, because I just sent you this one too!!! lol!

  5. Congrats...and a huge thank you from absent crafter. Going through lots of tests still no results as to what is wrong. Miss seeing all your wonderful creations though I pop on here the most. Hugs...and a smile, Tammy
    Thanks for thinking of me.