Thursday, April 14, 2011

thursday girl with cricut diaries

this is my project for this thursday it is a bunny in a flower pot slider card I used carts walk in my garden and george cart. first cut flowerpots at 4 and a half in cut 2 and just glue around edges cut a bread tag at 4 and a half in this is what hold the candy I have a little pocket at the bottom of mine. the bunny is attached to the long strip I glued in pot. and he is made from george cut circle 4 in for backside and 2 and 3.4 in for feet and 1 in for the pink on feet. the bunny doesnt move just the flowers. the tag on front says some bunny is having a easter hunt!
here is the back of the pot and a tag that say to and from for a little gift
here is the flowers pulled out with the candy inside.
I hope you all visit cricut diaries, jennifer and summer they are really creative and sweet. I was happy to be their thursday girl for the month of april.


  1. So cute, Rhonda, I love it!! Congrats on being Thursday Girl!!!


  2. this is tooooo cute

  3. That is SO cute! It reminds me a bit of the Peter Rabbit stories!

  4. Love this!!! So cute. I love his little puff ball tail.