Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank you jean I am honored to be your friend bfb award

I want to say I have alot of friends on my blog but some are extra special to me, they are always there when I need a helping hand or just need to talk too. And yes I have many on here that help me but I can only list four but feel free to grab the button if you visit often. Do not feel hurt if I did not choose you all of my blogging friends are special to me. I want to thank Jean from jeans crafty corner. If you want some great inspiration and some very creative ideas hop over you wont be sorry. now the rules pick four blogging friends post on your blog link back to sender and thank them pass to the ones that visit and leave comments alot now here are the four friends that visit almost everyday there are more than four but some have already been awarded the award. wish I could award all of my followers. hugs kacee is such a good friend helps me quite often with my problems. love her hop by and give her some blog hugs my friend kate wow what can I say she is the best love her. amy is my newest friend. she has taken me under her wing and helped me so much. I am not very computer wise and she has helped me so much that I finally get it. ha she is the best. go over and give her a big blog hug for me also a very good friend is tammie love her she is the sweetest. she has some great talent you will have to hop over and check it out. now I am going to break the rules I cannot forget lauri she visits everyday and is a sweet friend to me. stop by and give her some love I could list so many but I already have broken rules sorry but all of you mean so much to me and I really mean that. hugs


  1. Congrats on your award, well, well deserved. You are always giving away your amazing work and are a good friend and have such talent.

    Thank you so very much for passing this award on to me. I am so honored!! I love seeing what you created everday and love coming to your blog.

    I am getting together tonight with Kel to set up our blog hop and she is bringing her anniversary mini that you made for her, I am dying to see!!

    Thanks again!!!!!


  2. You are the sweetest and most Thoughtful!!!!~ friend.....Thank you for the kind words and passing this onto me. I am really bad at these awards...but I sooooooooo appreciate you thinking of me. Glad to see you break the rules.
    A huge hug and thank you from me to you!!!
    Ditto the sentiment.
    smiles...always, Tammy

  3. I do not know anyone who deserves this award more that you do! I started a blog because of your inspiration and kept on going because of your kind words on my posts and emails. YOU are a gift to us blogger moms, a true gift of a good friend and teacher. You inspire me to become a better crafter and giving person. Thanks Rhonda!!

  4. Some rules are made to be broken. :)
    Thanks so much for passing this along to me, Rhonda. I treasure your friendship and feel so blessed to have you in my life. You inspire me and encourage me. Thanks for being such a great friend. Lots of love to you!! xox