Tuesday, August 10, 2010

last thurs free mini winner savahanna (tiny creativity

front of book letters george sister 1 in brother 3/4 in the b is one inch
truck 5in new arrival cart

bear edpd cart 5 in train 5 in new arrival cart

duck 5 in airplane 5 in new arrival cart

doodle charm cart cat 5 in sailboat new arrival 5 in

ice cream 6 in doodle charms space ship 5 in

purse 5 in guitar 8 in

back of book through out the whole book one side is for boy pictures and the other side girls
enjoy savashanna


  1. You always have great mini albums! Thanks for playing at FCCB! Leigh

  2. Another cute mini! I love all of your albums.

  3. Amazing mini!! I always look forward to your creativity:)

  4. WOW. Great mini. Thank you soo much. I am soo excited.