Monday, April 13, 2015

sds 3- pineapple boxes

First of all welcome and I am so glad you stopped by. Today I am sharing the 3-d pineapple box design you can get at I made four and glued on top of each other I am not using them as boxes but centerpiece for the upcoming bday party for gd. She is have a lou-owl theme party. She loves owls and wanted a tropical theme to go with it. I tied a strawberry bag in the middle to represent a hammock and filled with tropical flowers also from this file. Use skittles for the outside instead of brads just glue on. I put it on a base and now it is ready for the table decoration. thanks for stopping by have a crafty day.


  1. WOW!! Super fun!!
    Have a wonderful day my friend,
    Crafting With Creative M

  2. Oh my gosh, these are so fun!! They look amazing!! You do so rock 3D!! Love these my friend!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts