Thursday, November 8, 2012

lets have a gift exchange for christmas !!!

I was wanting to know if any of my blogging friends would like to join in a christmas gift exchange. Instead of buying anything, The persons name you get will get some embellishments or cuts made by you.
 Example   rossettes, tags, cuts for holidays, flowers, etc. Just so it doesnt cost too much to mail.
You could mix them up and send I say each person could make 12 to be fair.

If you would like to do this just let me know either here under comments or email me.
I will get all the names, draw one name for each person on the list. and let you know whos name you get.  I will gather up all names on Nov.16 th so we can get started before the mailing season is just too busy.  Please whoever name you get please make sure you send them their gift. hugs

I hope you will sign up it will be fun!!!!!


  1. I love this ideal! Please count me in. (I do live in Camada, will this be a problem?)

  2. Hello, I'm so glad my power is back up and I can finally comment. Thank you for all the love on my blog. You are a true follower. :0

    You can def count on me. So excited :)))


  3. Oooooh yeah, baby! Count me in! Gosh, you sure come up with some great ideas! Keep me posted!
    Hugs and sunshine,

  4. I'm in my friend, sounds like fun!!!

    DIANA L.

  5. OH i would LOVE to do this, but again i don't know if time would allow me too.. :-(

  6. I would if I could. I will have to skip this gift exchange. I start a job on Monday and I don't know how much time I will have for crafting.

  7. I SO wish that I could... I'm just so swamped right now. I'm sure you'll all have heaps of fun!