Monday, June 25, 2012

bow hanger made for a birthday

 my granddaughter is invited to a birthday party this saturday so I came up with this gift for the little girl. I used paper doll cart for the top then tulle and made all the flower bows. this is a close up of the top she loves purple
 heres a close up of bottom. with the bows hanging from the ribbon
 heres a picture tryed to get it all I bought the wings on it at a garage sale three for a dollar so guess what I will be making one for my gd also. ha shes already picked her tulle out.
heres a close-up of the flower and ribbon bows I made.


  1. Oh Rhonda....what a lucky GD you have! This is so so pretty....exactly what every little girl needs!

  2. WOW!This is Beautiful!!!She will love it.I do!

  3. And I loved those embellies u made.... :D

    Ash.. :)

  4. Rhonda,

    This would be a great project to make with my little next door neighbor. What size did you cut the dress? I am going to save this in my bookmarks and maybe make it on a rainy day with her. Is it ok to post it on my blog if I give you the credit for inventing it?

  5. This is gorgeous!! Love all the wonderful bows!

    I am so sorry I haven't been over more! Summer kids, Blah Blah! Glad I was able to catch up my friend!


    What a lucky little granddaughter you have!