Thursday, September 29, 2011

haunted house candy holder

I wanted to make a candy holder to hold alot of candy plus hide it from the kids ha
I use the princess cart cut the castle at fit to page which is 11 and a half cut four times put together I cut out an extra for a pattern so I could glue on inside to cover up windows and make it solid to put candy in added lots of little stickers and there you have it.

heres a side view

from top

inside. happy hauntings. hugs


  1. Rhonda, this is as adorable a halloween project as any of your projects are!!!

    Saw an email that you're participating in another blog (???????)!!! My god, girlfriend, just where do you find the time -- and energy? LOL! I kind of just skimmed through your email, will go back and read it fully again but I had soooo many emails to get through! But be assured wherever you are in blogland, I'm with you!!!

    Thanks for being my friend, Rhonda, and for stopping in to check on me. I hope and pray to always be here for you too.

  2. This is so cool! You always make the cutest 3-D projects and this is no exception! Great job! :)Amy

  3. Adorable! I love all the little ghost :)

  4. Super haunted house Rhonda!

  5. WOW! LOVE it Rhonda and sure to keep those candies hidden:)

  6. So cute! I just love dimensional projects

  7. You are really amzing and talented! I love your stuff! Thanks CallyAnn

  8. Oh I love this..........I want to be in your country for Halloween. You create so many fun projects:) I really enjoy visiting. When I get a chance I hope to do something for your challenge blogs!

  9. Oh WOW!! This is SO impressive!! You always blow me away with your creativity!! WOW again!!