Friday, June 10, 2011

100th follower give away winner Glendies goodies

on my and friend amy's new blog we had a give away when we reached a 100 followers on our new challenge blog. the winner was chosen and her chose of a mini album was a camper.
so this is her special album made just for her. and glendie I have mailed it out so you should be getting it soon. enjoy. this is the front of the mini

heres a few of the pages didnt post all.

this is the back. hope you have fun filling it with all your camping memories. hugs


  1. This is SO cute, Rhonda! Many congratulations to Glendie!

  2. This is so neat!!! I love it, you did an amazing job! :-)

  3. This is super cute....I always love your details and imagination when you put these awesome mini's together.
    Have a great week, Rhonda.

  4. oh my gosh Rhonda this is adorable! love it! your details are so amazing! Your minis are a true treasure!

  5. Oh my goodness, Rhonda!! This is SO ADORABLE!! Your creativity is astounding!! :)

    Amy :) at