Wednesday, April 6, 2011

thank you tosha from tosha's treasures for my award

thank you so much I really am thrilled that you would choose me. I have gotten one of these the other day so instead of posting more boring stuff about me I will just post this on my sidebar with a big thank you to tosha. please go over to her blog and become a follower she is a new friend to me and all of us old friends stick together so please Im asking all my peeps ha to go over and become a follower and get her involved in all the fun we have click here and check her out. Tosha's Treasures


  1. Congrats on another well deserved award, my friend!

  2. You absolutely deserve this one!!!! You are truly amazing and such a versatile blogger!! Thanks for sharing your amazing creations!!! :) I love them, keep it up!! :)