Friday, April 1, 2011

look here to pick up your verastile blogger award

I want to thank Tara for being so sweet and giving me this award It does make me so glad to see someone has taken time out and awarded me. check her blog out at homemade happiness

The rules state list seven things about yourself, thank the person who sent award and send to 15 other bloggers.

Seven things about me

1. I love to get things done, now! now! now! I hate waiting.

2.I love my coffee and diet coke fuel for the body

3. I stay up everynight until 2 am cant sleep this is me time.

4. Use to own my own donut shop and bakery use to go to work at 2am

5. My jobs in the past cake decorator, cookie bouquets, floral designer, quilting

6. I love my toys, quilting machine, laptop, cricut expression, cricut personal, bind it all - embossing etc

7 last of all I love all the friends I have made through blogging, this is the greatest thing I own!

now for the fifteen I have chosen for award no particular order , no particular nothing. ha

but do make sure you give them a vistit. hugs

Be sure to take some time and vistit all the blogs and leave some love on the comments.


  1. Rhonda, thanks so much sweetie for the award!!!

  2. awwww thanks Rhonda, how could I not think of I have said before you ROCK! :)

  3. Rhonda thanks for the award.

  4. Thank you....Rhonda! Back to you as well!!!

  5. I like your last comment best of all. :) You are such a wonderful friend, Rhonda. xox

  6. Thanks so much Rhonda and congrats on the award. You deserve it! :)

  7. Oh Thank you so much for the award.. I am sooo far behind on blog visiting.... I will get it posted....

  8. Rhonda,congrats to you, and thanks so much for the award!!!