Wednesday, March 16, 2011

thank you gift for amy at love to crop.

I made this mini for amy she has helped me so much with my computer. I am very grateful couldnt have done it without her great instructions and help. She loves giraffes so I made her
this mini album with all zoo animals but giraffe is thoughout the mini. This picture isnt the greatest it really is bright and colorful in person.
heres just a few pages in the book couldnt post all lazy ha.

here is the giraffe peeking over book so I added just the body on page with circles and ovals.

the picutures that you add in book slip under the grass

here is the back of the book the end! hope you like it amy I will mail it out thurs.
to visit amy just click here and give her some love she is a very kind person and gives her time to help others. Amy


  1. After a long, frustrating day... Rhonda has truly MADE MY WEEK!! I am so incredibly amazed at how quickly she made this and how fantastically BEAUTIFUL it is!! WOW... I know things always look better than the pictures, so I'm sure to be speechless when it arrives because this already looks so WONDERFUL!! Thank you, Rhonda!! Yes, I do love, love, love giraffes (and I love how you can see it peeking over the book)!! :) This is probably one of the absolute nicest things anyone has ever done for me!! wow...

    Big smiles and HUGS,
    Amy :) at

  2. Hi Rhonda, so adorable and love the back the the End stamped on the giraffe too CUTE!!!

  3. Oh what a sweetie this is so stinkin it sooo much you clever girly :) hugs x

  4. This is adorable! I just love the giraffe throught the whole book!! Another great mini.

    I will be sure to check out Amy's blog, and friend of Rhonda's is a friend of mine!!


  5. Oh my cute is this! I love the giraffes through out but the back page was fabulous with the elephant behind. Awesome job!

  6. This is adorable! I love the way the giraffes are behind the fence - and still peeking out on another page. And that elephants behind is a great way to end the mini!! GREAT job, Rhonda!!

  7. Beautiful job Rhonda!!! I love it! 'The End' is so cute, great idea! :)

  8. I don't think Amy realized JUST how amazing you are, Rhonda. But, she's amazing too! It was wonderful of her to help you as she did!!! And you both deserve kudos!

  9. BTW! The album you did for Amy is just another one of your "masterpieces".

  10. Once again you amaze me with your talent, this is so cute I love it. I think this would be wonderful for a Zoo trip.
    angel hugs