Tuesday, January 4, 2011

my friend McVic has a new blog hop over and give her some love

McVic has just got a new blog. How exciting. Please take a minute and go over and vistit her and become a follower. she is just getting started and I wish her many followers and enjoy all the fun with the rest of us. You can go to her blog my clicking on charolette the pig mini album on my sidebar. or go to her blog www.youhadmeatscrap.blogspot.com thank you and tell her I sent you over to visit. hugs


  1. Done... I just became a follower.. Her blog is wonderful

  2. Thank you Rhonda!!
    Thank you Celeste!

  3. I just went and left her a comment!

  4. how are you my friend?

    i am on my way to your friend's blog and i will follow to, can't wait to see what she makes.

    good luck on the challenge for the mpsdt :P

  5. I went over and became a follower too.... she has a great blog thank you Rhonda