Monday, January 31, 2011

fantabulous cricut challenge - support the cause

first of all I believe in this cause. I am diabetic, have been for 12 years now. I am praying for a cure! The gray is used in the diabetic ribbon. The gray depicts the despair and gloom in those
affected by this disease. (polished gray or silver) represent the "lining" or the hope that there
will soon be a cure. I made this card starting off with the new twilight paper for the card.
then drew ribbon in gray and cut out and added detail. For the praying girl used chore cart.
cut at 2in for the blood drop used indie art cart the tear drop cut at 1 in and for the font
I used country life cart cut at 2in I pray for a cure for diabetics! I am sick of taking five shots a day with the cost of the strips it takes to check your blood sugar and the insulin cost is also ridulous. Maybe someday , for now I know theres a lot worst things that could happen to me.!
So I have learned to deal with it and stay positive.


  1. Very nice. I am praying for a cure as well.


  2. What a wonderful creation for a great cause. So sorry you suffer from Diabetics...

  3. I'm so sorry to read that you are suffering with diabetes. Your card is wonderful and I love the way you have a little girl saying her prayers to represent the word "pray". I hope your prayers get answered!
    Thanks for playing along at FCCB too!

  4. Wonderful card!!! And obviously one that is near and dear to your heart :-)

    I can't imagine with having to do that every day. You are a very strong person ((HUGS))

  5. Your card is so nice! I, too, pray for a cure -- so many in my family have the disease. My MIL lived with me before she passed away and I had to give her her insulin shots. It got to a point where there was no where on her body she hadn't been shot!!! I hated it!!! I hate to think of you (or anyone) having to go through something so uncomfortable.

    Yes, there are worse things but when it's you with this disease, it's still a life-threatening and debilitating one!

  6. My ex-step son has diabeties and I learned all about giving him shots, the pump has changed his life. I am assumig there is a reason you cannot be on it, and I feel for you having to do all the shots and checking your blood sugar all the time. Keep your chin up an do what you need to do to keep healthy. (((hugs)))

  7. This is a great project and for a great cause. Thanks for playing along at FCCB this week! :)

  8. What a great, great card. I am sorry to hear you have diabetes, not an easy disease to live with, but I love your attitude and truly believe that does help. I too know people with this disease and always pray for a cure!!

  9. This is a great card. My grandmother had diabetes so I know what you go through everyday.

    Thanks for joining Challenge Me Monday at FCCB :)

  10. Very sweet and sad card....Im so sorry you are affected by this. Heres to hoping they find a cure !!!