Saturday, September 11, 2010

witches cauldron

made this for granddaughters preschool teacher. I dont think the picture turned out so well
but you get the idea. I use mini monsters cart. the witches legs is made of papertowel rolls
then the shoes are cut card on mini monsters. the frogs are attached to pencils and theres
a witches reciepe on big frog. Added candy eyeballs, teeth, foot, hand, I made 50 frogs
and witches legs they are sticking out of top. I seen this idea on splitcoasters they used spiders


  1. Oh wow!! This is amazing! I can't believe you made 50 of them. Incredible! I'm sure the teacher will be absolutely delighted.

  2. Wow, That is incredible! they are so cute!!! Tfs and have a great day. :)

  3. Thank you so much Rhonda for following me because it gave me the opportunity to check out all your wonderful projects on your blog. WOW!!!
    I need to spend a week here! :)
    Thank you again!!!

    These are so cute... (I'll just set up my sleeping bag and hang out for a few weeks)


    PS: Love the Koi

  4. Very cute!! I know they are going to love it!