Tuesday, June 8, 2010

3-d firetruck

my husband is turning 50 soon so I made this fire truck box to fill with goodies.
used everyday paperdolls fireman cut fit to page cut 2 red 2 silver and 2 blk
the x-tra trucks are for piecing the tires and ladder and so on
fire ext. is 2in realsize cut 2 fire hose 2 in realsize paperdolls are 6in to make the one
crying just simply print the head only on access 3 for the cake cut 4 in real size (cook)
now I took a saltine cracker box and cover it first then glued my fire truck to it after
i assembled it everything is on popcycle stix to stick into styofoam in box the card will say someone called 911 said it was your birthday!


  1. This is sooooo awesome! Great job!!!!! Hope he has a great Birthday :-)

  2. This is very cool!! And congrats on making the mini album DT, can't wait to see your work there:)