Friday, May 28, 2010

sailboat mini album for baby boy

I was ask to help come up with a idea for a mini album for a baby boy and she wanted a sailboat using lifes a beach cricut cart. I made six pages cut 12 sailboats out
then glue one on front of cardstock and cut around it to make it solid behind it since this cart has no blk out option then glue the other sailboat on backside
continue this for all boats.
for front of book I cut 2 more sailboats out of decorative paper and cut pieces and placed on sailboat all the cuts like the octopus and so on are 2in
waves are 2 in cut 3 layer on then trim aroung bottom where it hangs off
on second page cut 2 in letters and a lifesaver for the o to say ohoy and then write name, born and so on for parents to fill out
for the picture frames i cut 5 in lifesavers and 5 in circles from george cart and sewed together for frame and then glued the entire thing to boat
then just continued using little cuts and writing sayings on the bottom of boat
all cuts are 2 in unless otherwise noted
hope this helps you martha

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